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Specialing In

  • IKEA Furniture
  • Fantastic Furniture
  • Freedom Furniture
  • King Living Furniture
  • Zanui Furniture
  • Vuly Trampolines
  • MS Direct Furniture
  • POCO Furniture
  • Super Amart
  • Officeworks

What We Do

  • Flat pack furniture
  • IKEA flat pack
  • Bunnings flat pack
  • Flat pack laundry
  • Flat pack bookshelves
  • Flat pack wardrobes
  • Flat pack office furniture
  • Flat pack cupboards
  • Flat pack installers

GetIt Installed is an experienced IKEA flat pack furniture assembly n service. We assemble ALL forms of flat pack products and equipment from any retailer.
We specialise in providing a professional flat pack installation service as well. We attach large wardrobes, tall bookcases, hang cabinets on walls, fix bed frame headboards and install a variety of wall shelving systems.
Simply CONTACT us to arrange one our trusted flat pack furniture assembly teams to visit your premises and assist you with building (or dismantling) your flat pack furniture products in your home or workplace.

Flat pack assembly charges are based on a PER ITEM BASIS for majority of well-known flat pack furniture and equipment retailers.
Send us your list of products requiring assembly via email or SMS, and we shall email you back our written quote. Its that simple!
You can EMAIL us a web-link to assist us in visually identifying the flat pack items. Provide us a copy of your store receipt with the detailed product information including a brief description and quantities.
We carry a variety of wall fasteners and tools for fixing flat pack furniture, large cupboards, tall bookcases, wall hung cabinets, wall shelving, etc. to variety of structures. The cost of providing this service is at an additional fee.
Before booking in our services, please ensure all flat pack boxes are delivered and correctly accounted for. If packaging shows evidence of mishandling, tear away the packaging in that region and visually inspect for any possible panel damage.

We GUARANTEE the quality of our flat pack assembly and installation work. From time to time problems may occur and where practical, remedial action will be undertaken to rectify any problems ASAP. If we damage your flat pack furniture and cannot make an agreeable repair, we will replace the damaged part.

Terms Of Service
These Terms Of Service shall apply to all agreements for the provision of any assembly and installation services provided by GetIt Installed (ABN 18 661 154 754) to the original purchaser (“Customer”). Our quotation together with these Terms Of Service will constitute the entire agreement between Getit Installed and the Customer. The Customer acknowledges that Getit Installed is independent of the retailer from whom the goods have been purchased from.
The Customer acknowledges that the price for performing assembly and installation services as per our quotation, written or oral, constitutes an agreement to accept our offer and agrees to our Terms Of Service at the time of confirming an appointment booking.
Our job scheduling program appoints a specific time of day for your appointment. Please know that we can arrive up to 60-minutes earlier or later than this scheduled time. Reasons may include traffic conditions, a prior job was incomplete due to missing parts or transit damage, or additional items being requested to be assembled or installed.
Cancellation of bookings is to be received at least 24-hours prior to time of appointment otherwise a Late Notice Cancellation Fee of $60 shall be charged.
All products in their original packaging are to be delivered into the room(s) where the product is to be assembled and/or installed. Do not assist with unpacking boxes as we inspect individual items for damage or missing parts during this process.
Our quote does not include labour-time costs of carrying flatpack boxes, whether it be to relocate from its point of delivery, or carry upstairs. Such requests should be pre-discussed and pre-arranged with Getit Installed whom assumes no liability whatsoever for rectifying any property damage which may result from performing such assistance. Labour expenses for carrying boxes shall be billed according to both time and effort expensed.
Our quote does not include labour costs of moving existing furniture, whether it be create a clear floor work space, relocate to another room, place in storage or discard. Such requests should be pre-discussed and pre-arranged with Getit Installed whom assumes no liability whatsoever for rectifying any property damage which may result from performing such assistance. Labour expenses for moving furniture shall be billed according to both time and effort expensed.
All of our furniture assembly work is performed on the Customer’s floor. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure a clean and appropriate physical work space is readily available for our assembler. If in any doubt, please discuss your situation with Getit Installed prior to the appointment day.
Any inconsistencies identified to us upon our arrival shall be brought to the Customer’s attention and re-quoted upon prior to our commencing such works. We reserve the right to review our quotation and vary our charges for performing such varied works. If the Customer is not satisfied with the variation prices provided and elects to cancel the job, our Call-Out Fee of $60 shall be charged.
In event we arrive at your premises to commence works and identify handling or transport damage which prevents us from completing the assembly and installation, a Call-Out Fee equivalent to $60 may be charged. The Customer should direct this matter to the retailer where the goods were originally purchased from.
You shall not later than 24 hours of completion of the works inspect and immediately give notice to us of any defects in Getit Installed’s scope of assembly and installation works. Failure by you to inspect such works performed by Getit Installed or notify us of defects shall be deemed acceptance by you.
Unless pre-discussed, our quotation does not include labour costs of removing waste, whether it be to another room, place of storage or to discard. Such requests should be pre-discussed with Getit Installed and labour expenses for performing such shall be billed according to both time and effort expensed.
Some furniture item(s) have a personal safety requirement to be firmly secured to a wall. Getit Installed hereby indemnifies itself from any legal prosecution whatsoever in event the Customer makes such a request to not secure the furniture as per manufacturer’s instruction.
Please be advised that we MUST wear protective shoes at all times within your premises. On wet rainy days, it is advisable to have an old bath towel / mat made available for our staff to wipe their shoes upon before entering your premises.
Where car parking is not readily available at the premises, the cost of on-street metered parking or utilising a nearby parking station is added on to the cost of your services charge.
Payment is to be collected at time of completing the agreed service. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, cheque, bank transfer, and/or credit card (MasterCard and VisaCard only). Please note that a flat rate 3% bank merchant fee applies to credit card transactions and are performed via telephone with our office.